About Socialdistancingtools.co.uk

SocialDistancingTools.co.uk is brought to you by the team at Gastronomy Plus Ltd. Our other business SousVideTools.com is a specialist supplier into the Hospitality industry, supplying around 80% of all Michelin Star Chefs with culinary tools.

As the UK unites in the fight against Coronavirus and protecting the NHS, we have used our existing supply chain to bring you products specifically designed to help keep your staff and customers safe. In order to survive the economic impact of coronavirus pubs, restaurants, cafés, convenience stores and farm shops are having to change the way they operate.

We understand this may be completely new territory for some, which is why we wanted to try and help by supplying some of the key, core pieces of items needed to get up and running. Our selection enables caterers to do this in 24 hours, with minimal investment. Face Masks, Visors and sneeze guards aim to prevent the spread of viruses, while a Sanitiser Stand makes hand hygiene a breeze at your establishment. Place a dispenser in our stands and communicate that you care about cleanliness.