Wall Mounted Sanitiser Dispensers

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  1. XP Manual Dispenser 350ml
    XP Manual Dispenser 350ml
    £14.95 RRP: £14.95 | SAVE 27% £10.95 £9.12
  2. XP Manual Dispenser 1000ml
    XP Manual Dispenser 1000ml
    £24.99 RRP: £24.99 | SAVE 20% £19.95 £16.62 £16.95
  3. Automatic Gel or Soap 700ml Dispenser - Clear
    Automatic Gel or Soap 700ml Dispenser - Clear
    £53.99 RRP: £53.99 | SAVE 45% £29.95 £24.96
  4. XP Automatic Gel or Soap 1000ml Dispenser

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Wall Mounted Sanitiser Dispensers

Help your customers and staff to protect themselves from germs and viruses with our range of hand sanitiser stations. We offer both free-standing and wall-mounted stations, all supplied with 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel ranging from 500ml to 5 litres. You can also choose between manual and automatic dispensers depending on whether you want to offer the ability to provide sanitising gel touch-free.